A nutritious meal is a healthy start to a knowledgeable mind.

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Cirilo Sanchez, Cafeteria Coordinator

Email: sascafe@stagathaonline.org

Every day there are two complete meals a student can choose from for a fixed price, depending on the grade level of the student.  Each student will have a lunch account that can be funded via online deposits (made with an ACH payment from checking or savings account, or with a credit card).  Each child’s account is updated nightly so the account balance information and payments will be current as of the following day.  In order to take advantage of the Student Debit Accounts service, parents are required to create a parent account by visiting www.MySchoolAccount.com.  Any questions regarding the Student Debit Accounts service or MySchoolAccount.com should be directed to support@myschoolaccount.com, or (305) 907-7005.

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