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Accreditation guarantees parents and students that the school is doing what it claims to be doing.  It is the parents’ assurance of legitimacy and the students’ guarantee that his or her credits will be accepted at other schools and at institutions of higher learning.  Accreditation also assures financial stability, safety, qualified teachers, sound curriculum, strong leadership, and continuous improvement.  As a school which is part of the Archdiocese of Miami, St. Agatha is accredited through the Florida Catholic Conference Accreditation Program.

The Florida Catholic Conference Accreditation Program provides a systematic process of school improvement through the application of educational standards or criteria. The benefits of this accreditation design include:

  • The assurance of quality Catholic education based on a Christian value system;
  • The validation of a school’s unique purpose of teaching and living out the message of Jesus Christ according to the Catholic tradition;
  • The integration of faith and values into the program design;
  • The opportunity for a continuous peer review and assistance at various stages leading to the ongoing planning and improvement of services for students, and
  • The existence of a set of current standards which promote excellence in the total educational program and are appropriate to the mission of Catholic schools.
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