Saint Agatha Catholic School (SAS) places great emphasis on integrating modern technology with the basic principles of Catholic education to enhance the learning process.  Regardless of the subject or grade level, a solid grasp of technology skills is fostered at SAS each and every day. In all classrooms we strive to uphold a curriculum that correlates with the National Technology Standards for Students (NETS). In addition, our school follows an Acceptable Use Policy to promote safe and ethical use of the Internet and all other technologies. Technology has become an essential part of daily life and we incorporate cutting-edge technology at SAS to enrich the ways in which our teachers teach and our students learn. Below are examples of how technology is integrated at SAS:

  • Teachers and administrators participate in ongoing and useful professional development courses online.
  • Smart classrooms feature interactive whiteboards and projectors to make learning engaging and interactive.
  • Modern web tools, resources, and robust networks expand and support the world of learning for our students. 

Technology is constantly evolving, and so is SAS.  In the 2011-2012 school year, online textbooks were incorporated in the middle shool grades, in addition to the use of laptops by all students in these grades. 

SAS Technology