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Dear Parents and Students:
Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year. The following is a list of the Spanish class rules and expectations. Please review them with your child.
Classroom Rules for Spanish:
1. Enter quietly and ready to listen.
2. Respect your work and the work of others.
3. Keep the classroom nice and neat.
4. Listen carefully and follow directions.
5. All St. Agatha school rules apply while in the Spanish class.
6. All assignments should be returned on time.
If a Student Chooses to Break a Rule:
1. First Time --Verbal Warning .(First check mark)
2. Second Time -- Change of seat assignment ( Second check mark )
3. Third Time – ( Stop note ) a note will be sent home( Third check mark )
4. Severe disruption-- Student is sent to the office, parents will be contacted.
1. Verbal praise ( All grades )
2. Stickers( Kinder _5th grade) ,
3. Puppets home for the weekend.(Kinder - 3rd grade )
4. Small certificate rewarding the good work. ( 3rd grade _ 8th grade)
5. Free time after work is completed or good behavior ( 6th_ 8th grade )

Grades are based on:
1. TESTS (From 3rd to 8th). ( Projects will count as tests)
2. QUIZZES ( from 3rd to 8th )
3. CLASSWORK (Checking materials and supplies will count as part of the class work , also class participation )
5. The lowest grade a student will receive in a special class is a 60. If a student receives a 60, it is because he didn’t do the assignment and the real grade is a 0.

Tests________ 30 %
Class work ___ 30%
Homework___ 10%
Bringing all the materials and supplies to class is important and counts 30%, since it is part of your class work grade. Participating and practicing their Spanish speaking conversation skills during class is part of class participation grade (30%). Remember that materials and class participation will be counted as class work.

Additional Information:
Grades from 3rd to 8th:*
* After missing three assignments in a quarter, student will serve detention. A note will be sent home with the date, time and place. Normally detention is from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm.
*Stop notes will be sent home after three check marks .
*Check marks mean the student has not been on task, or he has been breaking a rule.
* A student without supplies to class will receive a grade of 60% for the day and a check mark.
. (A student without supplies can’t be on task and that create discipline problems).
* Check marks will roll over for the entire quarter.
*At the beginning of each quarter each student will begin clean of check marks.
* After three stop notes the student will have to serve detention .

Contact via email is preferable
Students and parents should use my website to check for special assignments.
Thank you,
Mrs. Martinez
Spanish Teacher
Return this form. Spanish Class Date:________________
Dear Mrs. Martinez;
My child, ________________________________________________, and I have reviewed the Spanish Class rules and expectations for the students in grade______.
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