3rd to 5th Grade - 3rd Quarter Rhythm Chart Sight Reading Assignment: Whole, half notes and rests.

Students from 3rd to 5th grade must be able to (1) sight read, drill, and perform by groups the first exercise on this chart and also (2) to create/sight read/drill/perform his/her own exercise following the directions on the worksheet. This assignment will be due on each class' music period from grade level 3 to 5 by the week of February 27, 2017.

Advanced Practice Rhythm Chart Samples / Grade Levels 4 to 8

SAS students from grade levels 4 to 8 may use these links to open-review-print student-created advanced rhythm charts from previous years. They are appropriate for IV Quarter but students may try them in advance.

In the long run these wonderful rhythm exercises should be thoroughly developed step by step, with specified requirements as instructed by the teacher, Learning and rehearsing every detail individually and by groups should be achieved approximately towards the end of the school year.

Our SAS students from grades 4 to 8 will immensely benefit from these special exercises that will enhance at once sight reading as well as percussive instrumental skills.

Bach and Handel, and the Baroque Music Period - Articles Review

Reviewing the following articles will help prepare grade levels 4 and 5, and Middle school students for the incoming review on Baroque Period Music Unit. Please make sure to read all three articles. Another valuable source of information for this unit is the movie 'Bach's Fight for Freedom' available in full length at


Mr. Bornot

Choir Tryout Form

This file is available for printing in case any parent needs to obtain a copy of it. Please, remember any student trying for choir needs to present this form completed and signed by one of the parents or person in charge in order to be accepted to an audition for choir. Regular school year choir tryouts usually take place on the 3rd week of may, but extra auditions may take place at any moment during the school year -at the discretion of the music director- if a space in the choir become available. Parents of children interested in choir from 4th grade and up can always make a request for consideration through email or sending a note. I will take your request very seriously, paying more direct attention to your child during music class and helping him/her to prepare for an audition when the opportunity arises

Many Blessings,

Mr. Bornot

Common Parts of the Mass Responses (Music Setting: "Mass of Christ The Savior") / Lyrics - Sheet Music

Just click on the PDF format file of your choice (lyrics only or sheet music) to open/save or print the document for your review.

March 1, 2017, Ash Wednesday All-School Mass / Song Lineup / Lyrics

This year we will celebrate Ash Wednesday school mass on March 1. Here you can review/print out the order of the mass and song lyrics. This mas marks the beginning of the Lent liturgical season.

Middle School - 3rd Quarter Rhythm Chart Sight Reading Assignment: Whole, half, quarter notes&rests

All students from 6th to 8th grade level, must learn how to sight read and perform in percussion groups exercise 1, and create, drill and perform individually exercise 2 following the directions given in the worksheet. This assignment must be completed during music period classes by the week of February 27, 2017. Students will have the option of making their individual presentations (exercise 2) whenever they feel confident of their ability to perform the task, but please, be mindful that there will not be deadline extensions,

SAS Music Class Discipline Plan

This is a copy of your SAS child's music class discipline plan for the school year 2016 - 2017, just in case you need to obtain a new copy. Please make sure he or she has this document available upon request for teacher's review every time his/her class comes to music.

SAS New Choir Members for the School Year 2017-2018

Please, see the attached document in PDF format

Whole, Half and Quarter Note Practice-at-Home Rhythm Charts

A few practice charts to drill rhythm combinations with whole, half and quarter notes. Students from 4th grade and up could use them to practice at home in order to improve sight reading skills. Rhythms can be chanted or clapped. That is what we will be doing -along with singing tasks- in music class for the next few weeks. Have fun!