Catholic School Week Highlights 2018

NCEA joined Catholic schools across the country to celebrate National Catholic Schools Week 2018 from January 28 to February 3. Through these events, schools focused on the value that Catholic education provides to young people and its contribution to our church, our communities and our nation.

Red Ribbon Week

This week is Red Ribbon Week, during which we educate and encourage our students to lead a substance-free, healthy life. This is the time when our school community renews its pledge to remain drug-free. You are your children’s first and most important teacher. We would like to offer you some resources that may be helpful to you in contributing to this effort. Alcohol and tobacco are the most popular drugs, and also the most accessible to our youth. Here are some ways that you can help your child understand the message of remaining tobacco-free:

Welcome Back!

Welcome back St. Agatha Family! And a very special welcome to our new families! I am so excited for this upcoming school year. I am confident that it is going to be one of the best ever. We have a lot of special things planned. I will be working with our peer mediators as I do every year. Next week I will be taking nominations from 8th grade students for Peer Mediators. After careful review and consultation, I will choose 8 students to be in this group of school leaders. They will be personally trained by myself in issues surrounding peer relations and conflict resolution to name a few.

Peace Makers!!

Congratulations to this quarters Peace Makers!
Prek-3 Alexa Chirino
Prek-4A Luna Guzman
Prek-4B Daniela Rodriguez
MT Brandon Virgil
PPA Alissa Curry
PPB Bianca Lopez
PPC Onelia Mendive
KA Angelo Napolitano
KB Miranda Cavada
1A Tyler Werner
1B Elizabeth Sigler
2A Julianna Hendry
2B Aaron Pineda
3A Bianca Baena
3B Gabriel Sintas
4A Marco Camacho
4B Sebastian Hidalgo
5A Melanie Riera
5B Gabriela Garcia
6A Lucas Schwarte
6B Lily Rumph

Welcome Back!! Strategies for a great year!

Welcome Back Everyone!! I am so excited for this school year. We have so many special things planned for you! Here are a few suggestions I have for you to make it the most awesome year ever.

Free Workshop "How to create a daily report card for your child"

Center for Children and Families
Please join us for our
Free Community Workshop on Creating a Daily Report Card for Home
Erika Coles, Ph.D. & Jessica Robb, Ph.D.

In this workshop, caregivers will learn how to change behavior over times, using the tool, the Daily Report Card (DRC). Caregivers will also learn how to reward changes and problem-solve issues at home.

May 13, 2015

May 14, 2015
Free Childcare Available